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Boiler cover for home boiler breakdown offers peace of mind when they are from a reputable provider. Knowing exactly how to get assistance and what is covered is good to know in advance of a call out. Many householders in the Scotland and the UK buy a Boiler Cover policy without understanding what they need [...] Read more
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Here are some of the top tips when you are troubleshooting plumbing problems in Scotland or the UK. They may help you decide whether the issues are things you can resolve yourself, and when it's better to call a plumber. Leaking overflow – inside your toilet bowl or outside. Some toilets have a built-in overflow [...] Read more
Have you been looking at the features of a combination boiler? Often known as a Combi Boiler – how does a combi boiler work? A combi boiler has a central heating boiler and water heater functions combined. Combi boilers are generally regarded as the most efficient. The higher the efficiency, the lower your running costs. [...] Read more