Boiler cover for home boiler breakdown offers peace of mind when they are from a reputable provider. Knowing exactly how to get assistance and what is covered is good to know in advance of a call out. Many householders in the Scotland and the UK buy a Boiler Cover policy without understanding what they need to do to ensure that a claim is valid.

The UK leading insurance companies apply terms to their policies. If the policy does not cover a repair, it can mean that you have to pay a repair bill. The whole purpose of boiler cover to avoid unexpected one-off bills. Here are some tips to help you spread the cost of your boiler maintenance and repairs.

Most boiler cover terms are reasonable. But it’s best to know about them in advance, rather than find out when you need to claim. There is no single guide to help – your policy document has all the details – but here are some of the common issues.

Every boiler installation must be to the specific manufacturer instructions.

Incorrect installations cause boilers to fail. Problems arise from faulty components, setups, inaccurate boiler pipework. However, only qualified heating engineers would know. Choose boiler cover in Scotland and the UK that demands an initial boiler inspection at the start of the policy term. It would be best if you got your boiler checked by an independent Gas Safe registered engineer after installation.

Boiler cover for old boilers

There is usually a stated boiler age limit that a policy will cover. Every policy differs. If you have an old boiler, check the terms of your policy and get in touch with your provider for further advice.

Maintain your boiler, hot water and central heating system regularly

Your policy probably requires you to maintain your boiler, hot water and central heating system regularly. A signed boiler maintenance report supports your claim. The reason is quite simply that boiler fails are often due to neglect. For example, sludge can block the system, and if allowed to build up, the power flushing will be at your expense. And what’s worse, even if the boiler failed for another reason, sludge in the system would invalidate most claims.

Limits on boiler repair costs

Most policies have upper limits on boiler repair costs. If repairing your boiler exceeds the limit, you will need to pay before work is started. It would be unusual to suddenly have an issue within the first few weeks of the start of your policy, but it does happen. As you won’t be able to claim for any problems within this initial time, it’s essential to choose the right boiler cover for your boiler as soon as you can.

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