Have you been looking at the features of a combination boiler? Often known as a Combi Boiler – how does a combi boiler work? A combi boiler has a central heating boiler and water heater functions combined. Combi boilers are generally regarded as the most efficient. The higher the efficiency, the lower your running costs.

Combi boilers are known for their sleek and compact units style. Manufacturers do advertise that they fit inside of a standard kitchen wall cabinet. Boilers that save space and cost are very popular. The main reason for the popularity is that they eliminate the need for a hot water cylinder. The hot water is generated on demand, as and when required.

Combi boilers heat water instantly. Sometimes in larger properties, a small hot water tank is recommended as a top-up. But in most situations, the hot water arrives at high water pressure because it comes directly from the mains supply through the boiler to the tap. Eliminating the need for a separate pump to maintain water pressure reduces the potential for parts breakdown.

A regular boiler or traditional boiler is sometimes known as a system boiler. This boiler system requires a water storage tank feed for the water supply and a hot water cylinder to store the heated water. Combi boilers water heating is instant. A combi boiler takes mains water, heats it, and feeds it to your shower, taps and central heating radiators as and when you need it.

A modern combi boiler comes with a condensate pipe for the flue gas heat recovery system. Traditionally, boilers wasted flue gas heat. Now, condensing combi boilers capture the warm gases to preheat more cold water. Combi boilers owe their efficiency to the Flue Gas Heat Recovery System to waste less energy.

The most common type of combi boiler is gas-fired. Gas combi boilers burn natural gas. If you have a connection to the mains gas network, a gas combi boiler is likely to be your best option. Natural gas is cheaper than oil, LPG hydrocarbon fossil fuel or electricity. A mains gas combination boiler keeps energy costs relatively low.

Boiler regulations in the United Kingdom are straightforward and require all combi boilers to be at a set level of efficiency. Lower energy bills with a reduced carbon footprint are the primary goal. All new gas condensing combi boilers come with an efficiency rating. Choose the best to help minimise wastage and save the planet.

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