Here are some of the top tips when you are troubleshooting plumbing problems in Scotland or the UK. They may help you decide whether the issues are things you can resolve yourself, and when it’s better to call a plumber.

Leaking overflow – inside your toilet bowl or outside.

Some toilets have a built-in overflow system. Usually, an overflow is from a pipe that’s at a high level on your property’s outside wall. Faulty ball valves don’t stop the water filling the tank or toilet cistern. You can control the overflow by lifting the ball valve arm – fixing it with string – to stop the flow of water while you call out a plumber.

Pipe hammer.

Pipe hammer occurs when the high-pressure water travels through a small tap or a ball valve. When the tap valve is turned off, the water stops abruptly, causing a shock wave loud bang or pipe hammer. A plumber will either replace the noisy valve, secure loose pipework or fit a part called an arrester – as a shock absorber.

Toilet flushing incorrectly.

If your toilet flushing incorrectly is due to a faulty toilet handle or push button, the handle or button might need tightening or replacing. Sometimes it is a fault with the mechanism inside, which might need to be replaced.

Loud shower pump.

A loud shower pump might be because air gets into the pump but can’t get out again. You can test this by lowering the showerhead to allow the air to escape. Does it quieten the pump? Be aware that a surging on and off shower pump can burn out. To resolve the problem, turn the electrical supply to the pump off and ask a qualified plumber to remove the airlock.

Radiator valve and stop cock leak.

A radiator valve leak and stop cock leaks generally occur when damaged by limescale, corrosion or oxidation. Ask a professional plumber to stop the leak by either repairing the valve or replacing it.

Pipes are creaking.

As pipes get hot, they expand. Hot water running in or out of a bath, central heating radiators all expand. If your pipes are fitted into a tight hole, wall or floor space, they make noises when expanding. Increase the areas around the pipework, and the noise disappears.

Dripping taps.

Dripping tap washers might need replacing. Perhaps you have a broken tap spindle. Or the tap doesn’t have a washer and needs a new cartridge. Turn off your mains water supply to stop your water metre running and save water costs. Then call your local plumber.

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