Here are some top tips about what to do if your boiler isn’t working correctly. Perhaps a heating system is called central heating because the warmth it provides is at the heart of our home. If it breaks or has a fault, we start to appreciate how much we depend on it!

If your boiler starts to fail, do you choose to repair or replace it?

If your boiler is over ten years of age, the boiler manufacturers have likely discontinued the spare parts you might need. Approved parts are vital for gas safety checks and approvals. And older boiler tends to be less efficient, so it’s worth considering the savings you could make by installing a newer system.

Boilers deteriorate with age and can become less efficient. Changing mechanical parts costs money. As 60% of annual fuel bills are generally spent on hot water and heating – rather than cooking and lighting – it makes sense to have the most efficient boiler. Limit your expense if you can, as energy bills tend to rise each year. The cost of running a boiler is a deciding factor on whether to repairs or replace your old one.

If boiler breakdowns are frequent, you have to find a reliable engineer and take time off work during repairs. Old boilers can start to release strange smells or become noisy. If either of these issues occurs, then call a boiler engineer immediately.

Replacing your boiler usually costs less than customers think. There are finance options available, such as spreading the cost of the boiler and the guarantee. You can ask for a finance option over 2-3 years – and compare that with the cost of running your existing boiler over the same time frame.

Whether you have a small one-bedroom apartment or a 6-bedroom traditional Victorian family home, you want to feel warm and comfortable. Removing the concerns about an old boiler gives your home a new fresh lease of life. Central heating is just that – central – to the heart of the house. A neat, compact, modern boiler not only works well but looks smaller, stylish and contemporary too. Add to that the fact that new design improvements make newer boilers quieter – you can locate your boiler in places you might not have considered before. Talk to a leading boiler expert to guide all your options and choices.

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